• New program every 30 days
  • Unlimited access to your coach (email & texts).
  • 50% discount in-person sessions 
  • Easy auto-billing


What is Online Health Coaching?

Online health coaching is like having a personal trainer that empowers you to do it yourself.  Please view the outline below to see how it works. 


  • Once you sign-on with ODC, you'll receive an email with an intake  survey that helps your coach understand your history, goals, and preferences.
  • Next, book a real-time review session to assure your plan is feasible, functional, and fun.
  • A few days later, you'll receive a personalized easy to follow 30 day workout program with meal guidelines.  
  • Your coach will check in with you regularly to adjust your workouts and track your progress.
  • Last step: Enjoy the process, love the results, and tell a friend.


Essentially, an online coach provides a very similar experience to an in-person trainer – except you work out whenever you want AND you won't have anyone to observe your technique while you train. Just like a traditional personal trainer at a standard gym, your success is ultimately dependent upon your level of commitment.



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