Top 10 Personal Trainers in San Jose

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Top 10 Personal Trainer in San Jose
Top 10 Personal Trainer in San Jose

Exercise is important in increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of injury. Your trainer will teach you everything you need to know about exercise. A personal trainer will put together a complete process to help you achieve your goals, showing you the appropriate posture for each exercise. Here in San Jose, we will talk about some specially trained coaches who focus on their work.

Jesse Mailloux

Owner of Jesse Mailloux Personal Trainer

By listening to your goals and being able to keep your body in good condition with a detailed and knowledgeable process Tristan can keep your body in good shape. His knowledge and app kept me in such good shape over the years. He had an MA in Exercise Science and many certificates in the field of strength training and physical training.

Murillo Guimarães Fitness

Owner of Murillo Guimarães Fitness

Murillo Guimarães NASM certified specialist Exercise Specialist. His goal is to use the latest information in the fitness industry to help you achieve your goal of fitness and live a healthy, active, and satisfying life.

Tyler Pinkney

Owner of Archos Personal Training

Tyler Pinkney Owner of Archos Personal Training. He is a private trainer in Saratoga CA. She specializes in fat loss, muscle gain and strength, flexibility training, and nutritional training.


Raymond's strength and fitness

Raymond builds the confidence of the client that they need to achieve their goals. By designing programs designed for his clients he can bring out the best because each is different. For a program to support his clients because we all need a little push from time to time.

Dela Adzimah

Lead personal trainer, Silicon Valley Nutrition and Performance

Dela Adzimah owner of Silicon Valley Nutrition and Performance. His institution is an outcomes-based training community that is committed to helping to achieve your resilience goals. He and his expert team include a strength trainer, personal trainer, flex/conditioning trainer, and a registered and professional dietitian.

Dima Rumanov

especially for fat loss, muscle and strength, and flexible training. There is something remarkable about him that he is friendly, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to weight loss and nutrition/nutrition. He has been able to provide me with the proper nutritional balance that goes hand in hand with detailed and consistent strength training.

Daniel Molnar

Owner of Daniel Molnar Training LLC

Daniel is punctual and very responsive and sincerely wants you to do better. He is very good at dividing his time that every student gets good care from him in learning about the right posture, types of exercise, and more.

Mok Fit

Mok Fit is a personal trainer for NASM. specializes in weight loss, muscle toning, and muscle building. Mok works hard and loves the work he does. His beat personality is very inspiring and he encourages his students to do very well.

John Martin

Owner of On-Demand Coaching

Here you will have the opportunity for the best gym training in San Jose. Exercise will help you to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Nothing else can close the gym that should keep you fit and living a peaceful life, best gym in San Jose awaits you. The best personal trainer in San Jose can help you achieve your goals of fitness and health. The need for personal trainers in San Jose has been strong for the past several years and therefore there is a need.

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