How does ODC work?

ODC (On Demand Coaching) helps you bring a five-star personal training session to your home, hotel, office, backyard, or local park. We match your request with a vetted, certified coach available in your area at the specified time. At your appointment time, a coach will arrive at your door with fitness equipment and music to ensure you enjoy an invigorating session. All you have to do is sweat!


Do I need my own equipment?

No, we are fully equipped with all of the tools that will provide  you with the most amazing workouts and results. We have mats, dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands, boxing gear, body bars, agility ladders, and kettlebells to name a few pieces of equipment. Remember, we bring the workout to you and that includes gym equipment. If you have your own gym equipment, we  can develop fitness programs for you that are convenient, customized, and creative.

Why should I use ODC over going to the gym?

Convenient, customized, and creative: ODC comes to you. We create a customized fitness program for you. We listen to you and work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

After every 4 weeks, we’ll reassess your progress and compare it     to your original measurements from the first visit. You’ll achieve your goals quicker because our coaches have a passion for helping you achieve and keep results.

What can I expect on my first session?

The first visit genrally includes:

  • A body assessment

  • Nutritional assessments

  • A fitness assessment

  • Setting up your goals


How long are the training sessions?

Each session is one hour. That provides you enough time to get your body  working to achieve your desired goals. Coaches arrive 5-10 minutes before the session to set up the necessary equipment for that particular day.

How often should I work out with my ODC coach?

We suggest that everyone gets four or more days of  60+ minutes of moderate physical activity a week.  Most of our clients train with us once a week or once a month. ODC recommends that our clients  also workout on their own one to two days a weel. It depends on your goals, how quickly you want to achieve them, and what's feasible for you.


Will I have the same coach each session?

This all depends on your preference. All of our coaches are certified and  you can request a specific coach.

What exercises should I perform on the days I’m not training?

Some form of cardio would be ideal. If you have a treadmill, elliptical, row machine, or a bicycle, you can do a total of 30-45 minutes. If this is not possible, head out and go for a walk.


What areas do you travel to?

We currently service clients throughout the Bay Area and Sacramento (limited).  

How quickly will I see results and achieve my goals?

We find that 95% of our clients get results. All you need to do is follow  the program that ODC has developed just for you. At your first reassessment,  you should see a positive change. The average time to see results is anywhere from 8-15 weeks depending on how many times a week you train.


Who are your clients?

We train pre-teens, teens, adults, seniors, athletes, prenatal and postnatal women, corporate clients, groups, and rehab patients.

This service sounds amazing! Can you come to my office?

Yes, we’ll train you right in your office at a time that best works for you.


Do you offer group sessions, too?

Yes, group sessions are always a blast. You can work out with two people    or 50 people. If your group exceeds 20 people, we’ll make sure to  send an additional coach. We’ll make your workout experience a great one!

What if I’ve never worked out before?

That’s not a problem at all. We welcome individuals of all levels, regardless of experience, age, or ability.

Should I consult with a physician before I start a new fitness program?

Yes, this is very important. We encourage all of our ODC coaching clients to consult with a physician to ensure that you’re healthy enough to begin your journey.


How do I get started?

You can start by filling out a contact form below or you can reach out to us by phone at (510) 838-0423.

What is the best method of choosing a personal trainer?    

When you get to have a parsonal trainer you certainly need to do some checklist before hire someone. At first trainer has to be proper certified and up to date with trendy fitness curriculum. Along side he/she should check your medical history where he/she could give a proper training agenda. They would evaluate your needs based on your current fitness. Up next trainer has to be good personality, good communication, delightful attitude to bring positive vibe from you about fitness. Last but not the least you need to check one or two of trainer’s previous clent about trainer’s profile as a reference. 

What is the best workout routine in the gym?

It depends on your goal. But start with easy and flexible way. Then later, increasing your training session as instruction for the best result. 

What should I know before attending a gym?

Before attending you ensure the quality of instructor and his gym. It has to be a proper certification, The trainer’s good fitness acknowledgement also need to be  considered.

What is the best method of choosing a personal trainer?

A personal trainer needs good personal communication skills at first. Then the trainer has to be certified and well educated about current fitness trends. Besides, some references about former clients are very helpful to decide. 

What do gyms not want you to know?

People with amazing bodies who seem to know exactly what they are doing. The worst thing you can do when you join a gym is to try to keep your feeling of ‘cool’ in the face of such a sea of ​​experience.

Exercise: Why did you join CrossFit?

It is thought that Crossfit is the way to show how strong a person could be. It creates challange to themself to become a athleticism. 

Can you be fit without using any workout machines?

If you are looking to lose weight without machines, full and integrated exercise is a great option. Exercise which is endurance, strength, balance and flexibility and create a diet plan that will be part of your healthy eating habits.

What are some gym hacks?

After you become accustomed to a certain level of exercise, you will want to increase it. Do not run just two miles or walk 20 minutes three times a week for a year. Your body adapts to the pressure you are giving yourself, so you need to raise the bar once you have adjusted.

What should I know before attending a gym?

Before you go to the gym you have to decide what you want from it. You want to achieve it. You need to move forward with your goal of how you want to benefit from your gym training. For best results, you need to look for the best-skilled trainer who has a thorough knowledge of physical health.

Are online personal trainers worth it?

Online training programs can make people respond to the program itself, it is  helpful to get people to turn to the gym. Online personal training is best suited for people who understand the right process,who want to expand their strategies and respond to them.

Where can I get the best online fitness training?

On-demand coaching provides the best service for online training in San Jose, California. The desired results through a trained trainer and a moderate diet.It is important to exercise properly by determining age and physical fitness.

What's the minimum age to go to the gym?

17-18 is the best age when the benefits of exercise in the gym can be gained without a problem. It can lead to a strong, muscular, thin and healthy body in men and a beautiful, slim and healthy frame among women.

Why don't people Crossfit?

Crossfit has good ideas in its limits: Work ethic. High-level effort. A short break between exercises. Keeping your heart rate up to your target cardio area during the session. All good things.

How effective are bootcamp fitness classes?

The purpose of Fitness Bootcamp is to provide the ultimate in outdoor performance. With a very diverse schedule and professional trainers to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. 

Should I take personal training in the gym?

Finding a personal trainer is a wise idea It can help you tailor your form to your weight, strength, and ultimate fitness goals. the sequence in which you identify the different muscle groups.

What kind of woman do personal trainers like?

Many people feel more comfortable being trained by a woman/woman and  Feeling comfortable to deal with rather than train with women coaches than men.

How do personal trainers create their training plans?

Based on what the client is aiming to develop, followed by specific research and experience.An effective plan is a combination of what the client needs and what they want.