The following protocol should be adhered to to insure a safe environment for both the coach and client before, during and after an in-person training session.


I. Before Scheduled Training Session

a. If Coach and/or Client has contracted COVID-19, a doctor’s letter is required stating that he/she is no longer infected

b. Coach must communicate (via phone call and/or text) with Client at least 12 hours before the scheduled session to confirm both parties’ health status

c. Coach must complete the Coach & Client Daily Health Tracker, sign and bring to session for Client to complete

d. Disinfect exercise equipment, that will be used for the scheduled session, according to the COVID 19 Equipment Cleaning protocols already in place

e. Utilize hand sanitizer

g. Be prepared with NEW shoe covers and NEW gloves

h. Shoe covers are to put placed over the coach’s sneakers upon entering the home

h.i. The coach’s mask should be put on prior to entering the home

h.i.i.  Masks should be made available to the Client, but it is optional. When the Client is breathing

heavily, the Coach must stand to the side of the Client and not facing the Client.

I. The coach’s gloves shall be put on AFTER disinfecting the equipment but BEFORE touching the

clean equipment to bring into the home


II. During Scheduled Training Session

a. Coach must remain 6 feet apart from Client at all times

b. Upon entering the Client’s home, the Coach must put on NEW shoe covers over his/her sneakers

c. After putting on shoe covers, the Coach should provide a mask to the Client, if he/she is not already wearing one. If the Client chooses to wear the mask, it should be placed on a nearby surface.


III. After Scheduled Training Session

a. Upon leaving the Client’s home, the Coach should remove his/her shoe covers and gloves.

i. Do NOT reuse shoe covers and gloves. They are intended for one-time use ONLY.

ii. Gloves should be removed according to the following CDC guidelines

1. Before placing the used exercise equipment back in the vehicle, the Coach must disinfect all pieces